Zhuhai Hongzhu Tower

      Zhuhai Hongzhu Tower islocated in East Jiuzhou Boulevard, Zhuhai, with a total construction area of 17800 sq.m and land use of 8900 sq.m. The project is in Zhuhai’s CBD and close to tax free and department stores and malls, as well as museums, parks and the beach. It is also proximate to national A grade office buildings and government agencies and is one of the core city areas in erms of environment and future development. 

Zhuhai Aoyuan Plaza

       Zhuhai Aoyuan Plaza is located to the east of Tourist Road and to the south of Meijing Road in Xiangzhou district, Zhuhai. The project has a total area of 80596.44sq.m, with a total construction area of 459488.91sq.m, of which over 80k sq.m was developed by the Group itself.This premier uxury and fashion complex of Zhuhai integrates five business forms, namely, large shopping mall, themed commercial pedestrian street, boutique residential block, high-end commercial building and hotel; and becomes the international fashion and commercial center with shopping, leisure, entertainment, culture, catering, business and living. Championing the business model of commercial complex and healthy residence in Zhuhai, the project satisfies customized needs of all ages 24 hours a day, realizing a unified experience of eating, drinking, playing, entertaining and shopping, providing top urban life of international and fashion for Zhuhai residents. 

Dongguan Langqin Garden

       Dongguan Langqin Garden is located in the Dapingzhang Forest Park in Tangxia, Dongguan. It is within the high end residential area in Guanlan with a construction area of 52592 sq.m. The ayout of its apartments is tidily designed with huge balconies and much extra free space. In addition to its fantastic view, apartments are 5.8 meters high and surrounded with mountains and water. As for transportation, there is Dongguan-Shenzhen first class road, Guangzhou-Shenzhen and Beijing-Kowloon railways across the city. When Dongguan-Shenzhen high speed road is cleared, it is convenient to commute from Shenzhen to Dongguan. 

Zhuhai Qiancheng Meijing

      Zhuhai Qiancheng Meijing Garden is located in the romantic costal city of Zhuhai, in the center of its Doumen district, near Qianwu county government. It is the core project in Doumen’s residential and CBD areas. To the north, there are first class elementary schools and the central park. It is also convenient to go the Qianwu Middle School within minutes and the project is close to Zhuhai’s transportation main roads with great convenience in transportation, life and work, as the commuters wish. The project’ s total land use is 49k sq.m with a 2-phase development. There are 5 blocks of lower buildings in phase 1 with 243 suites and a total area of 220k sq.m. There are 8 blocks of higher buildings in phase 2 with 300 suites  and a total area of 270k sq.m. The apartments are sold out own with a move-in rate as high as 980%. 

Zhuhai Yangcheng Tower

      Zhuhai Yangcheng Tower is located near the west Renmin Road in Xiangzhou district, Zhuhai, with a total construction area of 24k sq.m and land use of 12k sq.m. The surrounding facilities are complete with cross border online shops, CR convenience stores, Zhuhai Health Center and banks, restaurants and etc. There are nearly 20 bus routes crossing the project which is convenient for the residents to go out. The project is at the intersection of the old city area and the new city area that has a great  living atmosphere and has been awarded many times as  ‘One of the Most Welcome Residences’ by Zhuhai real estate industry. 
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